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Natural farming brings twice the MSP in Indian & Global markets: Amit Shah

Natural farming brings twice the MSP in Indian-Global markets- Amit Shah
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The Union Home and Union Cooperation Minister Amit Shah that he is convinced that natural farming food grain will bring twice the MSP (minimum support price) in Indian and global markets

The Minister urged farmers on Saturday to create a ‘new green revolution‘ in India by adopting natural farming practices, pointing out that the overuse of agrochemicals is having a negative influence on the quality of land, water, and human health.

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According to him, the overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is becoming farmland infertile, and so the adoption of natural farming practices is essential to restoring land quality, increasing agricultural production, and making farmers profitable.

Shah was digitally addressing farmers after unveiling the logo for the Gujarat government’s program for natural farming, as well as its mobile application and e-vans to market the produce cultivated using natural farming practices via a network of Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs).

He stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recognized chemical fertilizers as a big concern and has begun exploring alternatives to their use while also striving to enhance agricultural production, cut water consumption, and provide wealth to farmers.

‘Let us create a new green revolution through natural farming, which maintains and conserves the land for many years to come rather than ruining it. Natural farming is the only method to achieve this,’ He stated this in a video discussion with farmers from the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency, which he represents.

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Natural farming India’s integral part

Natural farming, which is mentioned in ancient scriptures, is fundamental for the country’s future, according to the cooperation minister.

Natural farming is important for India now, but I believe that the rest of the world will have to accept the natural agricultural practices pioneered by our country. The entire world will have to realize and recognize the significance of the Desi Cow (which plays an important role in the natural farming process)’ He stated.

Gujarat’s FPOs would serve as a link between consumers and farmers. Following certification, these organizations will transport farm food to consumers. According to him, this will be the country’s first system of its kind.

PM Modi’s becoming its brand ambassador brings him tremendous joy, he says, adding, ‘I am confident that the adoption of natural agricultural techniques in India will demonstrate the route to the entire world.’

The excess use of chemical fertilizers following the green revolution resulted in a number of negative consequences, which were exacerbated by the lack of a 10-year review.

‘As a result of the excess usage of chemical fertilizers, India’s farmland is becoming infertile, and chemicals have infiltrated underground,’ he explained, adding that this will increase the number of cancer patients in the coming years.

Encourage practice natural farming

Observing that Gujarat Governor Acharya Devvrat has also worked in the field of natural farming, Shah stated that scientists have validated that natural farming restores land quality and makes it more fertile, enhances productivity, reduces water consumption, and makes farmers profitable. Over the previous two years, more than two lakh Gujarat farmers have embraced natural farming on 2.5 hectares of land, he says.

‘Gujarat’s farmers have realized the significance of natural farming and have embraced it. If ‘annadatas’ (food providers) do not think about the future, the nation, the earth, and soil we will face a major crisis’ Shah stated. He further added that as a Member of Parliament from Gandhinagar, he has decided to encourage at least 50% of farmers in his area to practice natural farming.

Gujarat should also establish provisions to ensure farmers receive the highest possible return on their natural farming produce, he said, because only then can farmers shift more into natural farming.

The Union Cooperation Ministry has entrusted Amul (Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd) with establishing laboratories in places where farmers practice natural farming in order to verify the land and produce, as well as establishing a marketing chain, he said.

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The minister stated that he is convinced that natural farming food grain will fetch double the minimum support price in Indian and global markets.

‘Natural farming will become mainstream if we succeed in this direction. If farmers can acquire the proper produce at the right price, there is no reason why they shouldn’t switch to natural farming’ Shah added.

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