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PM Modi: India’s natural farming witness to world on food security, enrich soil with Govardhan

Indias natural farming witness to world on food security enrich soil with cow-based ingredients

Prime Minister Modi addresses farmers at National Conclave:  “India’s natural farming witness to the world on food security, enrich our soil with Govardhan (cow-based ingredients) as a natural elements.”

India’s accomplishments in natural farming will prove to the world how to attain food security while continuing to live in harmony with nature, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is urging the country’s farmers to gradually transition away from pesticide-based agriculture and toward natural farming methods.

‘Today is the time to work on developing future possibilities. In a virtual address to the National Conclave on Natural Farming in Anand on Thursday, he said, ‘India is well-positioned to present the world with a solution to the concerns of food security in a better balance with nature.’

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Modi reaffirmed his call for the world to make a ‘lifestyle for the environment’ a worldwide purpose, which he made during the Climate Change Summit.

‘I’d like to address the investor community. This is the time to invest in organic and natural farming methods, as well as the processing of the products produced by such farming. There is a huge market waiting for us not just in India, but all over the globe.’

Modi stated that India’s farmers will take the lead in natural farming and asked them to make a resolution on the occasion of Amrit Mahotsav (75 years of celebration) of India’s independence day, ‘to liberate India’s soil from chemical-based fertilizers and insecticides,’ and unlearn some of the past practices while adopting the new learning.

Encourages farmers to use Govardhan (cow-based ingredients) natural elements

Modi stated that chemical fertilizers place a significant economic burden on the farming community and that ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliance India) is only possible if India’s farming and each farmer become Atmanirbhar. ‘It is only possible to enrich our soil by replacing inorganic fertilizers and chemicals with Govardhan (cow-based ingredients) natural elements,’ Modi said.

Farmers now have ample resources to choose from when it comes to crop production and production methods, thanks to a series of innovations and policy interventions. However, with soil fertility deteriorating and groundwater reserves depleting, farmers would face even greater challenges. ‘It is true that chemicals and fertilizers played a significant role in the green revolution. But it is also true that we must look for alternatives and begin working toward them,’ he said.

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It’s time to be on alert

Imported chemical-based fertilizers impose significant costs on governments and, ultimately, farmers for farming costs, as approximately 80% of farmers have less than 2 hectares of land. This puts inflationary pressure on food for the poor. ‘It’s time to wake up and act before it’s too late,’ Modi said.

Furthermore, the government is working to create testing infrastructure for such products in order to provide a complete ecosystem of natural/organic farming. According to Union Cooperation Minister Amit Shah, in order to encourage natural farming, the government, through the cooperatives ministry, will assist in the establishment of a network of testing laboratories that will test the land and certify organic products. ‘In order for farmers to receive a higher price on the international market. Organizations like Amul are being asked to contribute to the realization of this concept,’ he said.

The National Conclave was a part of the three-day Agri Summit held at Anand Agriculture University, Anand on December 14-16 as a precursor to the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit.

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The event was attended by the Union Agriculture Minister, Gujarat Governor Acharya Devvrat, Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, agriculture ministers from Tripura and Bihar, and other central government officials, as well as farmers from Gujarat and other parts of the country who participated virtually.

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