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Amit Shah ministry to open labs across country to certify organic land and products.

Amit Shah ministry to open labs across country to certify organic land and products

Amit Shah ministry to open testing labs throughout the country to certify not only land but organic products for global market

Union Home Minister Amit Shah who also is the first Minister of Co-operation of India said on Thursday that his ministry is planning to open laboratories across the country to certify organically produced commodities and also to verify chemical fertilizer-free land in order to help farmers get higher prices for their organically produced commodities.

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According to Shah, cultivators will embrace organic farming in large numbers if they are paid a fair price for their products and have access to the international market.

‘The mission is to supply certified organic products with a brand name to the global market. The Ministry of Cooperation is working to establish a national network of laboratories that will certify not only organic products but also that the land on which they were grown is chemical fertilizer-free’Shah stated in his speech.

‘Farmers will benefit from higher prices for their organic produce as a result of this. Amul and other cooperative entities are collaborating on it. I am confident that our organic farm produce will command higher prices in the international market as a result of this certification process that includes both land and farm products’ He continued.

According to the minister, preparations for the establishment of this lab network have already begun. Shah expressed confidence in the establishment of a ‘marketing chain’ to sell organic products in at least two states within the next year.

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The Ministry of Cooperation was established in July of this year with the goal of strengthening the cooperative movement in the country, and Shah was given responsibility for the new portfolio. Organic farming is a method that involves the use of organic fertilizers such as compost and green manure rather than synthetically compounded fertilizers and pesticides.

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