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Future of Indian agriculture dependent on 3Ps – M S Swaminathan

Future of Indian Agriculture dependent on 3Ps - M S Swaminathan

M S Swaminathan, an eminent agricultural Science scientist, expressed happiness after the Centre announced its decision to revoke agricultural laws, saying that the future of Indian agriculture is dependent on the impact on production, procurement, and prices.

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‘I am pleased with today’s announcement. I want to emphasize that C2+50% is at the heart of the National Commission on “Farmers,’ Swaminathan, the country’s father of the green revolution, said.

The comprehensive cost (C2) includes the imputed costs of family labour and land rent, as well as the imputed interest on owned capital.

The National Commission on Farmers has recommended a 50% margin over comprehensive cost, which is also the farmers’ demand.

‘Agriculture’s future is dependent on the impact we can have on production, procurement, and prices. These should be dealt with simultaneously’ He stated this in a press statement.

While addressing the nation on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the government’s decision to revoke three farm laws that have been the focus of farmer protests for the past one year.

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