Viral disease epidemic in Cattles known LSD affected 40,222 animals

Viral disease epidemic in animals known as LSD affected 40,222 animals.

A viral disease epidemic in animals known as LSD affected 40,222 animals.

According to the most recent State government data, a viral illness epidemic in animals known as Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) has claimed over 1,000 cattle in Gujarat.

According to official authorities, the skin infection, which causes fever, lumps on the skin of the animal, reduced milk production, and even death in extreme cases, has affected 40,222 animals throughout 15 of the State’s 33 districts, with a total of 1,021 cattle succumbing to the sickness. The sickness was first discovered in Gujarat around a year ago.

Similar to goat pox

The rapidly spreading sickness has rung alarm bells in the State government, which has increased cow vaccines against the virus in addition to undertaking preventive measures such as animal identification and isolation. LSD is a terrifying sickness produced by the Capripox virus, which is linked to the goat pox virus.

‘We are keeping an eye on the disease’s spread. We have already begun vaccination the animals, and around 3 lakh animals have been vaccinated with a pox virus vaccine’ a senior official from Gujarat’s animal husbandry department stated

According to the 2019 livestock census, Gujarat has around 95 lakh cows and buffalo. ‘The development of the virus in milch cattle is concerning since it is affecting milk production,’ stated the official.

The disease was first recorded in 2019 in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj, and it spread to various states throughout 2020-21. According to current sources, the viral infection has expanded to Northern states like Rajasthan, Punjab, and Haryana. LSD is said to be spread via blood-feeding insects such as mosquitos, bees/flies, and others.

There is presently no therapy, thus prevention through cow vaccination is the only effective way to restrict the spread. Also Read | Gujarat began vaccinating milch cattle against dreadful Lumpy Skin Disease.

Hester Biosciences Limited, located in Ahmedabad, has repurposed its goat pox vaccine for LSD delivery and has begun supplying the government.

Raghavji Patel, the State Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Minister, previously indicated that, despite the fact that the State government has accelerated immunization, infections have been detected in the districts of Saurashtra, Kutch, and the South Gujarat area.

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