“Hatsun Agro” plans to expand its milk collecting centers in remote rural areas

Hatsun Agro plans to expand its milk collecting centers in remote rural areas

Hatsun Agro plans to expand its milk collecting centres in remote rural areas.

Hatsun Agro Product Ltd. (HAP), India’s top private sector dairy business with names such as ‘Arokya,’ ‘Hatsun,’ and ‘Arun Icecreams,’ has announced procurement growth plans in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Maharashtra.

HAP operates approximately 3,100 milk collecting centres that serve farmers in all three states. HAP intends to rapidly develop this network of milk collecting centres in various states in order to successfully serve over 1 lakh farmers, according to a news release.

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HAP intends to expand its milk collecting centres to more remote rural places in order to guarantee farmers have access to the facility and reap the benefits of having such a facility in their own village, therefore giving them market access.

‘HAP obtains milk from chosen high-quality livestock gathered directly from around 400,000 farmers. Hatsun has made major investments in procurement infrastructure throughout the years in order to successfully manage a large amount of milk.’

‘It is India’s first dairy firm to concentrate on raising farmer income by lowering production costs.’ HAP noted that ‘the firm has been partnering at the university level to market its high-yielding, protein-rich hybrid Napier green fodder (kambu/bajra) such as Co-4 and Co-5.’

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Fodder hybrids

Many HAP farmers have cut the cost of feeding their cows in half by growing Co-4 and Co-5 hybrid fodder. Labour expenses have been greatly lowered by employing cow dung as manure, brush-cutters to save harvesting labour, rain guns to minimise water use and milking machines.

Hatsun guarantees a comprehensive cold chain from milk procurement, processing, and supply chain logistics to the retail point for milk and milk products. The milk gathered is pasteurised at its facilities and delivered through over 3,500 HAP exclusive daily outlets.

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