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It is favorable time for bringing ‘Kisan drones’ technology to farmers: Govt

It is favorable time for bringing 'Kisan drones' technology to farmers- Govt

It is a favorable time for bringing ‘Kisan drones’ technology to farmers: Govt

The government announced on Monday that it is promoting the use of ‘Kisan drones,’ and that the current environment is favorable for bringing such technology to farmers. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar stated during a conference that modernization of the agricultural sector is high on the government’s priority list for the coming year.

He stated that Kisan drones are being promoted for crop assessment, land record digitization, pesticide, and nutrient spraying and that a budget allocation has been made for these purposes. Also Read | Centre grants temporary clearance to 477 pesticides to accelerate agri-drone adoption.

In order to encourage the use of Kisan drones, the government is providing a 50% subsidy, up to a maximum of 5 lakh, to SC/STs, small and marginal farmers, women farmers, and farmers from northeastern states who purchase drones through the Kisan drone program. Other farmers will be eligible for financial assistance of up to 40% of their crop value, or a maximum of Rs 4 lakh, according to a statement issued after the event was held by the minister.

Drones are being purchased by existing and new Custom Hiring Centers (CHCs) under the Cooperative Society of Farmers, Farmers Producer Organizations (FPOs), and rural entrepreneurs in order to provide agricultural services through drone applications. Financial assistance at 40% of the basic cost of the drone and its attachments or Rs 4 lakh, whichever is less, is being provided for drone purchase by existing and new Custom Hiring Centers (CHCs) under the Cooperative Society of Farmers, FPOs, and rural entrepreneurs.

Agriculture graduates who want to start Community Health Centers (CHCs) are eligible to receive financial assistance equal to 50% of the cost of the drone, up to a maximum of 5 lakh.

The eligibility list for financial assistance for farmers’ drone demonstrations has been expanded to include, in addition to the entities that have already been identified for drone demonstration, other agricultural institutions of the state and federal governments, as well as central public sector undertakings engaged in agricultural activities.

According to Union Minister of State for Agriculture Kailash Choudhary, this new technology is intended to reach a greater number of farmers, which will lower the cost of production while increasing their income for them. Also Read | Startup Drone Garuda Aerospace aims to raise $30 million to meet its CapEx requirements.

Manoj Ahuja, the Agriculture Secretary, stated that the conditions are favorable for delivering drones to farmers and that the government is also committed to this endeavour.

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