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Soil health – google, partnered to develop low-cost approach to check soil health

Google, partnered to develop low-cost approach to check soil health
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Google and have formed a research partnership to develop a scalable and low-cost approach for measuring soil health, including soil organic carbon and other essential nutrients.

The two organizations have outlined multiple areas of research collaboration that will facilitate and accelerate the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices throughout India, according to a release.

The two companies have combined Google’s cutting-edge AI, imaging technologies, and cloud infrastructure with’s direct on-ground reach and engagement with millions of farmers in India. Also Read | Nano urea can increase crop yields and save up to 50% of nitrogen & soil health.

Soil analysis

The collaboration will use hyperspectral image processing in conjunction with other remote sensing and data collection technologies to correctly assess soil organic carbon and other nutrients in a variety of soil types and features across API’s landscape.

Once established in a scalable manner, this method of soil testing will aid in the extension of soil testing services to farmers across India at affordable costs, guiding them toward ways to improve soil health, select appropriate crops, input products, and operating practices, resulting in higher yields and income.

‘At, our goal is to deliver advanced and creative technology-led solutions to ease the decision-making process and enhance results for farmers, with a focus on smallholder farmers in India,’ stated Pranav Tiwari, CTO. We are working along with Google to build a scalable, real-time, and cost-effective system for measuring soil quality. Once created, we will be able to provide farmers with actionable data and guidance to assist them to optimize their crop, seed, and nutrient selections. This will benefit farmers not only in terms of a higher return on investment but also in terms of promoting techniques that make farming and our world more sustainable.’

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‘We look forward to our cooperation with, leveraging Google’s suite of AI and image technologies, Cloud, and advanced geospatial analysis and machine learning capabilities to help find long-term solutions for sustainable agriculture,’ said Manish Gupta, Director, Google Research. Remote soil health testing can assist yield orders of magnitude cost-effectiveness and scalability advantages that will directly benefit farmers across the country, allowing them to improve their productivity and tackle future challenges.’

According to the press announcement, the project builds on a larger relationship between Google and and intends to offer widespread effects for sustainable agriculture practices across the country.

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