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Now, try some wine made from cashew apple a patented technology from NITK

Now, try some wine made from cashew apple a patented technology from NITK

Now, try some wine made from cashew apple a patented technology from NITK.

The cashew apple is one of the nation’s most wasted agricultural products. In an effort to prevent its extinction, a professor from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK) in Surathkal, Mangaluru has developed a patented technology to create an alcoholic beverage from it.

Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at NITK, Prasanna BD, who was recently granted a patent titled ‘A process for the production of an alcoholic beverage from cashew apple and raisins and the alcoholic beverage produced thereby’, told that cashew apple is a good source of energy because it contains carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, carotenoids, phenolics, organic acids, and antioxidants.

Although numerous attempts were made in various countries to produce wine, health drinks, and feedstock for probiotics from the cashew apple, the majority of these attempts were unsuccessful on the market.

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The technological advancements

He explained that the technology he developed uses fresh cashew apple and raisins to produce an alcoholic beverage with a fine translucent red/transparent hue, a sweet, fruity, cashew apple-like aroma, and fine bouquets with the desired acidity. According to him, this beverage lacks the characteristic astringency of the cashew apple, and its alcohol content ranges from 7.5% to 15% vol/vol.

When asked how his beverage differs from other cashew apple alcoholic beverages such as “feni,” he explained that “feni” is a distilled product. However, the cashew apple beverage produced by his technology is not a distillate. Vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients are lost in the distilled product, he said, citing the higher alcohol content of the distilled product. Due to chemical and biochemical reactions, these beverages become brown during storage.

According to him, the rapid deterioration of fruit flavours during storage makes it difficult for the manufacturer to maintain a constant level of quality. In addition, conventional cashew apple wine lacks the translucent red/translucent hue. He stated that the technology he developed produces the sensation of a typical red wine without the use of colour.

Employing raisins

Regarding the use of raisins, he stated that the technology used raisins to compensate for the cashew apple’s lower content. Noting that wine should contain between 12 and 15% alcohol, he stated that before fermentation, approximately 30% of sugar must be added. Cashew apple contains a maximum of 12 to 15% sugar. Raisins contribute to the sugar requirement for the production of wine.

In addition to aiding in fermentation, raisins improve the mouthfeel and health of the individual, he said. Prasanna used raisins from the Karnataka region of Vijayapura-Bagalkot to develop this technology. Also Read | Karnataka plans to allow sale of wine in supermarkets, give grape farmers a leg-up.

Regarding the benefits to farmers, he stated that the majority of cashew apples in India are wasted. If this technology is commercialised, a farmer can sell cashew apple for 10 per kilogramme. The technology assists in transforming an agricultural product that is currently going to waste into an original product. This technology can provide the alcoholic beverage industry with a new beverage.

Prasanna stated that NITK is eager to transfer this technology to entrepreneurs and businesses that are interested. It will provide the licensee with the necessary technical support during the implementation of the technology. On May 4, Prasanna, who had filed a patent application in 2012, was granted a patent.

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