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India urges G20 nations to adopt “3S” agriculture for food security

India urges G20 nations to adopt 3S agriculture for food security

India urges G20 nations to adopt ‘3S’ agriculture for food security.

India asked the G20 on Tuesday to adopt a ‘3S’ strategy for the agriculture ecosystem, which stands for ‘Smart, Sustainable, and Serve.’ This would help solve the problem of food security around the world. On the sidelines of the first G20 Agriculture Deputies’ Meeting, Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia spoke to the media. He said that agriculture has always been a top priority for India and that it has now become a top priority for the whole world.

Scindia said, ‘We think that if we want to make a difference in the world food system, we need to adopt a 3S strategy for agriculture.’

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He said that the 3S strategy is ‘smart’ and ‘sustainable’ farming that should ‘serve’ everyone. Scindia put a lot of emphasis on using drones and other new technologies to improve crop yields as part of smart agriculture.

He said that for agriculture to be sustainable, farmers should work on getting higher yields and using better inputs, as well as focusing on new technologies and marketing.

The minister said that India has made a lot of progress in agriculture. He said that India is the best country in the world at making milk, second at making vegetables and fruits, and third at making food grains.

In the last eight years, India’s foodgrain production has gone from 265 million tonnes to 315 million tonne. In the last eight years, the budget for the farm sector has gone up by four and a half times, to USD 10.5 billion (about ₹ 86,700 crores).

Scindia, the union minister for civil aviation and steel, also said that his home state of Madhya Pradesh has made a lot of progress in farming and is a major producer of soya and garlic. In the last 18 years, the state’s foodgrain production went from 165 lakh tonne to 629 lakh tonne, which is almost four times as much. He said that irrigation in the state has gotten 50% better.

‘Based on what comes out of the discussion, India and the G-20 will give the world a new plan for agriculture,’ he said.

From February 13 to 15, the first Agriculture Deputies Meeting of the Agriculture Working Group (AWG) is being held here. India is in charge of the G20 at the moment.

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On the second day of the meeting, people will keep talking about four key priority areas: food security and nutrition, sustainable agriculture with a climate-smart approach, an inclusive agriculture value chain and food supply system, and the digital transformation of agriculture.

On February 15, the last day of the event, the delegates will talk about the most important things the AWG will do. It will be a technical session with talks and participation from all members and international organizations who are interested. The G20 AWG is likely to hold its next meetings in Chandigarh, Varanasi, and Hyderabad.

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