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ITC uses Microsoft Copilot to make generative AI a reality for farmers

ITC uses Microsoft Copilot to make generative AI a reality for farmers

ITC uses Microsoft Copilot to make generative AI a reality for farmers

According to Pepijn Richter, General Manager, Microsoft Cloud for Retail and Agriculture Solutions, an application built by ITC using Microsoft Copilot templates is making generative AI (artificial intelligence) a reality for farmers.

In a blog post titled ‘World Agri-Tech 2024: Pioneering agriculture resilience with AI’, Richter said ITC, a multi-industry enterprise, is making generative AI real for farmers with ‘Krishi Mitra’, an AI copilot showcased at World Agri-Tech 2024.

He mentioned that the app was built using Microsoft Copilot templates and that it is intended to serve 300,000 farmers in India during its pilot phase, with a user base of 10 million. ITC’s app aims to provide farmers with timely and relevant information that can help them increase productivity and profitability while also building climate resilience.

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The blog post highlighted the app’s functionality, stating that the user can ask a question using natural language on a smartphone. The app then promptly provides a detailed, personalized response in the user’s native language.

For example, when asked about weather conditions or where to sell a harvest, ‘Krishi Mitra’ responds with forecasts, detailed market locations, pricing information, and other pertinent details. According to Richter’s blog post, personalised advisories allow farmers to make more informed decisions, potentially leading to higher yields and income.

Supporting various aspects

In addition to traditional farming challenges such as soil fertility and climate, many farmers face limited access to agricultural technology and relevant information to support their work. “Using Krishi Mitra, farmers can gain customized insights to help them work more efficiently and profitably. “The app helps with crop management, pest and disease control, soil health, water conservation, weather forecasting, market linkages, and government programs,” he explained.

Microsoft joined over 2,500 global leaders and organisations at World Agri-Tech 2024 in San Francisco, California, to share knowledge on how to build sustainable agri-food supply chains.

“Reflecting on our continued momentum with partners and customers, we were excited to work with Bayer, ITC, and Headstorm on a mix of new solutions and announcements that uniquely help to address the needs of farmers and agronomists,” he went on to say.

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