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Dhanuka inked MoU with ICAR to use KVK’s land for technology innovation on seeds, nutrients, agrochemicals

Dhanuka use KVK’s landnk MoU with ICAR for technology demonstration

Dhanuka inked MoU with ICAR to use KVK’s land to demonstrate technology for seeds, nutrients, and agrochemicals

Dhanuka Agritech has inked a memorandum of understanding with ICAR for the first time, under which it would use KVK land in various parts of the country to demonstrate innovative technology in three crucial areas: seeds, nutrients, and agrochemicals.

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has signed an initial pact with Agro-chemical firm Dhanuka Agritech for providing new technology to farmers and also promoting natural farming,” according to a statement issued by the agriculture ministry. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on March 19 by US Gautam, ICAR’s Deputy Director General (Agricultural Extension), and RG Aggarwal, Chairman of Dhanuka Agritech, the statement added.

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The goal of this collaboration is to use the efficiency of both institutions to offer new technologies to farmers, Gautam explained, adding that there are over 14.5 crore farmers in the country, the majority of whom have tiny land holdings.

Dhanuka Agritech would train these small farmers in agricultural production through collaboration with central institutes such as ATARIs (Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute) and KVKs.

Gautam further stated that, in light of the world’s present climate change challenges, both institutions must collaborate on a new manner of climate-friendly agriculture production. The goal of this MoU, he explained, is to promote natural farming in a changing environment.

Aggarwal stated that the company will provide consultancy services and farmer training in partnership with ICAR-ATARI and KVKs.

Aggarwal stated that Dhanuka has already conducted farmer awareness programs and signed memorandums of understanding with approximately 15 state agriculture universities.

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“ICAR has approximately 700 KVKs, which have designated land for demonstration purposes. We will conduct comparison demonstrations in two nearby fields to demonstrate the efficacy of new technologies, as seeing is believing, and farmers will be able to distinguish between the changes. Aggarwal stated that in one field, farmers will employ traditional technology, and in the other, all new technologies will be used.

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