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If govt doesn’t pass a law MSP, farmers will fight ‘a fierce battle’ against it: Satya Pal Malik

If govt doesn't pass a law MSP, farmers will fight 'a fierce battle' against it - Satya Pal Malik
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If govt doesn’t pass a law MSP, farmers will fight ‘a fierce battle’ against it: Satya Pal Malik.

Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik said on Sunday that the farmers’ movement isn’t over yet and that if the government doesn’t pass a law on minimum support price (MSP), the farmers will fight ‘a fierce battle’ against it.

Malik told a meeting of the Jat community here that he will join the movement once he is done being governor of Meghalaya. Several times in the past few years, Malik has gone after the government over problems with farmers.

‘The farmers’ movement is still going on; the dharna just came to an end. If there isn’t a law about MSP, the farmers will fight hard against the country’s government’ Malik said.

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He said that he has only four months left as governor of Meghalaya and that he will also join the movement when his term is over.

Malik said that when the farmers were protesting against the farm laws, he went to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and told him that terrible things were happening to the farmers.

He said he told the prime minister that he should talk to the farmers about the problem, but Modi told him that the farmers would end the dharna on their own. ‘I told them that they won’t leave until you (the PM) are gone,’ he said.

In November 2020, thousands of farmers, mostly from Punjab and Haryana, took over the borders of Delhi. They wanted the Centre to get rid of three controversial farm laws.

After the government took away the farm laws in December 2021, the protest came to an end. Malik criticized the Adani Group and asked Modi how the conglomerate could be getting richer while ordinary people were being hurt.

Malik’s criticisms of the Modi government have been in the news many times. He said last month that the government hadn’t kept the promises it made to farmers in December.

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Before the protesters ended their dharna, the government agreed to look into some of their demands. These included the withdrawal of cases filed against farmers during their protest against the farm laws, a legal guarantee on MSP, and compensation for the families of farmers who died during the protest.

In January, Malik said that when he went to talk to Modi about farmers, the prime minister was “arrogant” and they fought within five minutes.

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