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Farmers quoting ₹1 cr for a bull at Krishimela, misleading people-breeders

Farmers quoting ₹1 cr for a bull at Krishimela is misleading people-breeders

Farmers who are quoting ₹1 crore for a bull at GKVK-Krishimela 2021 are misleading people, says breeders and associations.

The four-days Krishi Mela at GKVK Bangalore is not only an exhibition ground for farmers, corporates and cattle breeders to display their Agri ventures, products, and rare and valuable bulls, but it is also a battleground for some.

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Livestock, especially the Cattle breeders and breeders associations clashed over the cost of the most spoken ‘Hallikar breed bull‘.

While the head of the breeders association stated that the bull can cost up to ₹ 5 lakh in the state of Karnataka, a breeder from Malavalli stated that the bull costs ₹ 1 crore and is used to donate sperm for commercial purposes.

Bull Prices Misleading?

Boregowda, the farmer, claimed that the organizers undervalued his bull. He stated, ‘I charge ₹ 1,000 for one dose of sperm. My tiger (bull) is exceptional. He’s strong, well-fed, and powerful.

He is being used not only for breeding but also for cultivation.’ He also mentioned that the milk from this breed of cattle is highly nutritious and rich in protein.

Other breeders, including Hallikar cattle breed association president Santosh, claim that farmers who quote a price of ₹1 crore for a bull is misleading and exploiting people. ‘The bull’s power, tallness, and body structure distinguish this breed. They are predominantly used for breeding, but as they grow older, they are ideal for cultivating,’ He stated.

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