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Reliance Industries plans to turn sugarcane press mud into biogas

Reliance sugarcane compressed biogas

Reliance Industries plans to turn sugarcane press mud into compressed biogas

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), Indi’a’s most valuable company, is talking with sugar mill operators about supplying sugarcane press mud, a feedstock for the production of compressed biogas, as stated by two people familiar with the development.

“For their compressed biogas plants, RIL is seeking press mud from sugar mills. It has reached out to large sugar mills, which can supply thousands of tonnes of press mud to the company daily for its biogas plants,” said an executive aware of the development, adding that RIL has reached out to companies operating sugar mills in various locations across the country.

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RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani announced plans to build 100 CBG plants in September over the next five years. These plants will consume 5.5 million metric tons of agricultural residue and organic waste.

RIL already operates one CBG plant in Uttar Pradesh, at Barabanki.

According to industry executives, assuming RIL builds a plant with an average capacity of 10 million metric tons per day of biogas, it will require 250,000 metric tons of press mud daily. Depending on the sugar mill’s location and the press mud’s quality, the cost of press mud ranges between ₹200 and ₹500 per tonne.

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