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IndusInd Bank and Maharashtra government ties up to offer livestock care

IndusInd Bank and Maharashtra government ties up to offer livestock care

The Pune-based IndusInd Bank, which offers commercial, transactional and electronic banking products and services, stated on Wednesday that its subsidiary Bharat Financial Inclusion Ltd (BFIL) has signed a pact with the Maharashtra Government to strengthen the supply of livestock to dairy farmers within the state.

The joint initiative ‘Maha Pashudhan Sanjeevani’-which is to be carried out under the Mukhyamantri Pashu Swasthya Yojana-may also guarantee all veterinary services available to dairy farmers in the Dairy Farming business opportunity to end! The cell phone call and the toll-free number 1962 will be ready for operation from January 2021, as indicated in an announcement.

BFIL has signed a contract to provide assistance to ‘Maha Pashudhan Sanjeevani’ as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR). This agreement was signed in the presence of the Minister of Animal Husbandry of Maharashtra, Mr. Sunil Kedar, Minister of Sports and Youth, Mr. Anoop Kumar, and officials of the State Government and the IndusInd Bank.

The very first phase of the initiative will serve the farmers in 81 talukas located in 31 districts of Maharashtra, with a total cattle population of 1,96 crores.

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The veterinary systems of the State Government must therefore be deployed through the integrated telemedicine and service management platform developed by BFIL.

Doorway veterinary and animal husbandry services will have curative treatment for diseases and wounds, vaccination for calves, artificial insemination and preventive care information, she added.

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