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FarmERP partners with Saudi firm to enhance its presence in Gulf nation

FarmERP partners with Saudi firm to enhance its presence in the Gulf nation

FarmERP partners with Saudi firm to enhance its presence in the Gulf nation

FarmERP, a global leader in cutting-edge sustainable technology solutions, has formed a strategic alliance with Seiyaj Tech, a Saudi Arabian technology company dedicated to localizing green energy technologies from leading international companies.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in Riyadh aims to increase FarmERP’s influence and impact in Saudi Arabia by utilizing Seiyaj Tech’s extensive business network and local expertise.

Saudi agriculture faces unique challenges such as extreme weather, water scarcity, and limited resources. FarmERP, with over 12 years of experience in the Gulf region and extensive operations in Saudi Arabia, has created tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of the region’s agribusinesses.

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The partnership will enable FarmERP to collaborate with leading companies and government organizations, providing them with the sophisticated technology required to thrive in these challenging conditions.

Seiyaj Tech has previously collaborated with major Saudi Arabian government entities and prominent private-sector players. Seiyaj Tech is well-known for providing advanced software and hardware solutions that help clients achieve scalable growth. They collaborate with leading global technology providers to create cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to specific local market requirements.

Advancing agriculture technology

The strategic alliance with FarmERP will significantly increase their influence, supporting efforts to advance agritech in the region. This closely aligns with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious goals for sustainable development and food security, indicating their commitment to transformative technology solutions.

According to Santosh Shinde, COO and Co-founder of FarmERP, “By leveraging Seiyaj Tech’s local expertise and extensive network, they are confident in their capacity to deliver impactful solutions that increase productivity, profitability, and sustainability.”According to Hussein Ali Al Khars, CEO of Seiyaj Tech, “They look forward to working together to deliver more robust and valuable offerings to their customers, ultimately enhancing and upgrading the agritech landscape in Saudi Arabia.”

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FarmERP has been at the forefront of delivering innovative, long-term technology solutions to some of the largest agricultural and food supply chain companies in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, and Jordan. FarmERP, with its presence in over 30 countries, serves mid- to large-size farmers and agribusinesses by managing extensive agricultural operations and overseeing the supply chain from farms to supermarkets.

FarmERP’s platform combines precision farming techniques with AI-powered FarmGyan advisories. These innovations increase crop yield and promote sustainable agricultural practices, which are specifically designed to thrive in Saudi Arabia’s demanding environmental landscape.

Sanjay Borkar, CEO and Co-Founder of FarmERP, stated, “This collaboration with Seiyaj Tech represents a significant step forward in our mission to transform agriculture in the region. Together, we want to drive innovation and promote Saudi Vision 2030 for a sustainable agricultural future.”

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