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Farm Act remove dispel rumours of MSP and raise farmers’ living standards

Farm Act raise farmers' living standards

On Monday, one day before the scheduled meeting with protesting farmers’ unions, Minister of Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar praised the farm Act saying that all these reforms would go a long way in raising farmers’ living standards and remove dispelling rumours of Minimum Support Price (MSP).

The government’s three laws would relieve farmers from all unnecessary legal responsibilities and help them achieve full value for their produce. It will attract farmers to plant high-value crops. Hurdles are bound to come in the way if any change is implemented,’ Tomar said while addressing a national conference on farm reforms.

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He said that, after long consultations with experts and stakeholders, the farm laws were implemented.

“It was long overdue for these changes. But the previous government was unable to gather the confidence to enforce these laws. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, our government turned a transformation in the agricultural sector,’ he said.

Dispelling rumours that the minimum support support price (MSP) would be removed, Tomar said that since the BJP rose to power in 2014, the government has improved the MSP system.

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‘The MSP scheme will indeed operate in the future. We have also included pulses and oilseeds in the procurement of MSPs. Government  has improved the MSP by adopting the Swaminathan Commission’s suggestions on 23 crops,’ he added.

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