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CPI(M) to get all opposition parties to support the ongoing farmers’ protests

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The continued protests by farmers will take a political turn soon. The CPI(M) has initiated efforts to get all opposition parties to talk about the unrested protests in the same voice. The party decided to hold all-opposition party conventions in the capitals of the State.

On Saturday, the first such convention was held here. CPI (M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury, inaugurating the convention, said that despite an unfounded rumour spread by the government and the BJP, more farmers have joined the protests. “The protests were sponsored by ordinary citizens. Now the revolt of farmers, with their support, is turning into a people’s revolution. All of the country’s assets are used to help the company increase its earnings. Such laws are for corporate businesses and will have a bad effect on food security, Yechury said.

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The resolution claimed that the three laws would lead to a decline in the procurement of food grains, which would have an adverse effect on the public distribution system. Kisans will not only suffer, but the mass of people relying on the rationing system will suffer as well. ‘The government’s objective of helping companies such as Adani and Ambani and their global counterparts is evident in its refusal to have a law guaranteeing MSP in private transactions,’ he added.

Although not present in the programme were the representatives of the Aam Aadmi Party and Congress, CPI(M) State Secretary KM Tiwari told that the two sides had promised their support for the position. Each political party is making every effort to end its efforts to support the farmers’ cause. We thought that we should make the effort to bring all political parties together and give Prime Minister Narendra Modi a letter urging him to revoke the three laws. ‘ Political parties also have some accountability and therefore we should put pressure on the Centre as well,’ stated Tiwari.

Rally against NIA investigation

The farmers, meanwhile, protested against the NIA investigation of some of their movement’s leaders. They said that under different parts of the IPC and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, the NIA sent notices and appeals to various farmers’ representatives, including Baldev Singh Sirsa, a member of the delegation attending the discussion with the Centre.

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The Government has sent notices to the carriers who have given their vehicles to carry farmers to Delhi and to those who have provided financial assistance to the families of the martyrs who died while participating in the war against the farmers. Under Section 307-attempt to murder for protesting against the Chief Minister’s event in Karnal, the BJP-led Haryana State Government has booked 900 farmers. The All India Kisan Sabha said in a statement that it is to terrorise those who join, assist and help the farmers’ struggle.

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