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Tea Board has Fixed an average price of ₹14.71/kg for August month 2021

"Tea Board Fixed green leaf avarage price for August month"

The district average price for green leaf in August has been announced by Tea Board as ₹14.71 per kg.

According to Tea Board’s Deputy Director CS Hariprakash, this price was determined based on the consolidated auction sale average of CTC (Crush, tear, curl – sometimes cut, tear, curl) teas from purchased leaf factories in July.

He has directed that all purchased leaf factories in the Nilgiris district adhere to this price when purchasing green leaf from farmers this month.

He has directed all Tea Board field officials to ensure that no bought leaf tea factory in their jurisdiction paid less than this month’s average price.

This price is ₹2.03 less per kg than the previous month’s fixed price of ₹16.74. That means growers will now receive 12.13 per cent less than they did last month.

This is not only the lowest price of the year so far, but also the lowest price since May 2020, when it was ₹14.45 per kilogramme.

The price is significantly lower than the fixed August 2020 price of ₹20.99 per kg. That means growers will receive ₹6.28, or up to 29.92% less than in August 2020.

Given that four kilogrammes of green leaf are typically purchased to produce one kilogramme of finished tea, small growers will now receive approximately ₹25 less per kilogramme than this time last year.

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