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Nano urea can increase crop yields and save up to 50% of nitrogen & soil health

"Nano Urea for safe crop and soil health"

Trials prove that nano urea can increase farmer crop yields while saving nitrogen by up to 50%, Chemicals and Fertilizers Minister Mansukh Mandaviya told Parliament on Friday.

Mandaviya stated in a written response to the Rajya Sabha that nano fertilizer holds great promise for use in plant nutrition due to its size-dependent qualities, high surface-volume proportion, and unique properties.

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‘Nano-fertilizers generate plant nutrients in a controlled manner, resulting in higher nutrient use efficiency,’ he mentioned.

As per a press release by the Ministry of Commerce and Fertilizers, Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative Limited (IFFCO), the world’s first Nano Urea, an innovative solution for protecting the environment from pollution and soil health, has been introduced.

Meanwhile, IFFCO has pursued the Department of Fertilizers for permission to export Nano Urea (liquid) produced at its Nano Fertilizer Plant facility in Kalol, a city in Gandhinagar district of Gujarat.

Experimental trials of Nano Nitrogen conducted during Rabi/Zaid 2019-20 at 7 ICAR research institutes/state agricultural universities on various crops such as paddy, mustard, maize, wheat, tomato, cucumber, capsicum, cabbage, cucumber, capsicum, onion were found agronomically feasible, showing that nano nitrogen (Nano Urea) can improve farmer crop yields besides reducing pesticide use.

National Fertilizers Limited (NFL) and Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited (RCF), both are Department of Fertilizers (DoF) Public Sector Undertaking (PSUs), inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IFFCO for the transition of Nano Urea technology.

The unbalanced application of nitrogenous fertilizers, combined with their low nutrient use efficiency (30-50%), pollutes our soil, air, and water. NOx gases are a major source of air pollution, and nitrate leaching causes eutrophication and toxicity in our water bodies. Excess nitrate accumulation in leafy vegetables also has a negative impact on human health.

According to the press release, ‘As a result, it is critical to seek alternative solutions to preserve our agro-ecosystems for future generations. To address these issues, IFFCO Nano Urea has emerged as a promising solution. With smarter use efficiency, a half bottle of nano urea can significantly decrease up to one bag of urea. With the reduction in the application of conventional bulk urea, the use of nano urea has a significant advantage in terms of a safe and clean environment.’

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Nano urea has extra benefits in terms of improved crop quality and increased crop productivity without negatively impacting soil health.

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