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Single brand name for all FPO products in Karnataka – Action Group

Single brand name for all FPO products in Karnataka - Action Group

Single brand name for all FPO products in Karnataka – Action Group

The Chairman of the Action Group for Uniform FPO Branding, MV Venkatesh, said that the Karnataka government would soon give all FPO (farmer producer organizations) products in the state the same brand name, tagline, and logo.

On the sidelines of a seminar organized by Laghu Udyog Bharati in Udupi on Friday, he told businessline that the goal is to create a unified brand identity for the state’s FPO products. They would aid in the promotion and sale of FPO products directly to consumers.

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The government had crowdsourced the plan’s brand name, tagline, and logo, and roughly 250 names had been submitted so far. The government was also looking for writers and poets to help them come up with a strong brand name.

A government committee will choose the top ten names from the list and send them to the Chief Minister and the Agriculture Minister for final approval. According to him, the chosen name will be used as a mother brand name to promote and market all FPO products in Karnataka.

When asked when the brand name would be finalized, he said that the government plans to come up with a name in the next two months.

He believes the name should resonate with individuals in the state, country, and around the world. Also Read | ‘Single fertilizer brand’ destroys our brand value, market distinction: Industry

In the beginning, the government plans to develop and sell FPO items that don’t go bad quickly, like millet, spices, and honey. Other goods will be added in later stages, he said.

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