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NABARD-Syngenta’s veg market to benefit 50 villages farmers in Hirekeruru

Farmers from 50 villages in Karnataka to benefit from vegetable market- Syngenta

NABARD-Syngenta’s veg market to benefit 50 villages farmers in Hirekeruru

Farmers from 50 villages and agro-dealers will benefit greatly from a cutting-edge vegetable market set up by Syngenta India at Hirekerur.

Hirekeruru is a town in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is in the Haveri district and has a panchayat. ‘The Village of the Big Pond’ is the name. ‘Hee-ray-kay-roor’ is how you say the name.

‘I applaud Syngenta India and NABARD for working together as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs to give the Hirekerur vegetable market a new look,’ said Karnataka Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Minister B C Patil on Thursday, when he opened the renovated market.

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The Hirekerur vegetable market is one of the most unusual projects of its kind, both in terms of quality and size, with 12 platforms, 68,000 square feet of covered roof, seven sheds, 16 solar lights, 21 roof ventilators, 130 boards with safety messages, and two arches, according to Syngenta.

All of this will considerably simplify farmers’, traders’, and consumers’ selling and purchasing experiences. It will also help to increase farmers’ revenue.

The I-CLEAN project

According to Susheel Kumar, Managing Director of Syngenta India Pvt Ltd., the Hirekerur vegetable market has been updated through I-CLEAN (Inculcating Cleanliness, Learning, Education, Awareness, and New Habits), one of our most innovative sustainable solutions with a long-term impact on the socio-economic situations of rural communities in India.

‘The Hirekerur vegetable market can accommodate 500 sellers.’ This facility was designed with a weekly average footfall of over 15,000 in mind. We have also built rainwater harvesting structures throughout the market, and the water collected is transferred to a neighboring lake, making this a one-of-a-kind facility,’ Kumar added.

‘A vegetable market is the nerve-center of rural economies, and it works as the confluence point of opportunity for farmers, merchants, and consumers,’ KC Ravi, Chief Sustainability Officer, Syngenta India, said of the I-CLEAN Hirekerur project. We’re proud to have implemented the I-CLEAN program in 25 rural regions across four states, assisting over 500,000 farmers and farm workers to improve their lives and incomes.’

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T Ramesh, Chief General Manager, NABARD, Karnataka, shared the vision behind the NABARD-Syngenta India collaboration for the Hirekerur vegetable market project, saying that ‘our common goal is to accelerate the pace of contribution to rural economies by creating access to modern facilities for farmers and other stakeholders.’ It will assist them in increasing their revenue and improving their living conditions.’

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