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Recycled wastewater in Agri, Horti will be successful only with community awareness-Shekhawat

Recycled wastewater in Agri, Horti will be successful only with community awareness-Shekhawat
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Recycled wastewater in Agri, Horti will be successful only with community awareness-Shekhawat

Union Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat has emphasized the importance of recycled wastewater in agriculture, horticulture, and groundwater recharge, saying that no scheme or mission will be successful unless there is community awareness and participation, and the government is working hard to achieve this.

Speaking at the FICCI’s India Industry Water Conclave on Wednesday, he stated that every drop of water is valuable and that every drop of recycled water is a generation of another drop of water.

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‘In this transformational era, focusing on a multi-stakeholder approach to water management that includes government, corporations, and the community plays an important role in addressing the gap between water availability and water requirement, and everyone should take their responsibility to make our country water-secure,’ Shekhawat said.

He went on to say that revolution will come from the young generation of this nation, who will be able to change the mindsets of older generations and the public toward water conservation.

‘The use of treated water in agricultural and industrial applications is critical for the optimal utilization of limited water resources,’ said Pankaj Kumar, Secretary of Water Resources. He also addressed the proposed National Framework for the Use of Treated Water, which was produced by the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) and distributed for feedback to state governments, industry organizations, and other stakeholders.

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Newer areas of attention

According to Kumar, as the emphasis shifts toward improving water use efficiency, the deployment of sensor technology, measuring devices, plants for used water treatment, reuse of treated water in irrigating crops and industry usage, expansion of drip/sprinkler irrigation in Agri and plantation crops, and smart integrated water management systems is bound to grow and should be tackled and deployed.

These provide considerable potential for the private sector to assist in improving water efficiency in a variety of areas. Also Read | Karnataka govt gives nod for Mahadayi Hydro Power Project implementation

‘Actions by industry are aimed at addressing the mismatch between demand and supply based on certain core principles such as sourcing sustainably, replenishing groundwater responsibly, using efficiently in production, and effectively recycling and reusing greywater,’ said FICCI President Sanjiv Mehta.

He outlined the challenges and key areas for making the sector more appealing for employment, including more public-private partnerships (PPP) in water services and infrastructure projects, as well as incentives for greenfield sewage treatment plants and common effluent treatment plants (CETPs) on a PPP basis.

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