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Class 5th drop out uses bicycle to generate enough power to pump water for crops

class 5th drop out uses bicycle to generate enough power to pump water for crops

Class 5th drop out uses a bicycle to generate enough power to pump water for his crops

Unlike traditional pumps that require electricity and diesel, Manjhi’s pump can be powered by pedaling an old bicycle, which generates enough power to pump water from the ground to water his farms.

‘It all started when the pump’s coil burned out, leaving us unable to water the crops. It could not be repaired again due to financial constraints and the region’s erratic power supply. I decided to make it work without the use of a power source ‘Manjhi, who is in his mid-50s, stated.

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Several ideas were generated, but their implementation was not financially viable, according to the Class 5 graduate from Murki village in Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh ‘tweaked’ his damaged water pump to run.

‘One day, I was taking a break after lunch when it occurred to me that why not give it a shot by connecting the pump to an old bicycle in my backyard? I told my son to go get a few things, which he did the next day.’

The farmer completed his mission after a week of trial and error. Manjhi stated that he removed the pump’s motor fan and connected its bush to the bicycle wheel via a free-wheel and chain, which rotates when paddled.

Manjhi now irrigates his vegetable crops in his 2.5-acre plot with this pump, which draws water from a nearby pond, without spending a single rupee, he claims. ‘Only one person is required to paddle the bicycle.’ The pump’s disadvantage is that it cannot extract deep underground water, but Manjhi says he is working to improve its performance.

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