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PM Modi pitches for Natural farming, says it is ‘foundation for economic success.’

PM Modi pitches for Natural farming, says it is 'foundation for economic success.'

PM Modi pitches for Natural farming, and says it is the ‘foundation for economic success.’

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the public movement for natural farming will be widely successful in the future years and that the sooner farmers join this shift, the more benefits they will receive.

Modi acknowledged the ‘amazing success’ of the Digital India Mission and said it is the country’s answer to people who used to argue that bringing about change in villages is difficult. He was speaking via video conference at a summit on natural farming in Gujarat’s Surat city.

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Natural farming, he says, is equivalent to honouring Mother Earth by conserving soil quality and productivity, and it is also the ‘foundation for economic success.’ He praised Surat’s efforts in this direction, saying the natural agricultural model developing from Surat can serve as a model for the entire country.

‘This mass movement for ecological farming will be extensively successful in the coming years as well. The sooner farmers embrace the shift, the more likely they will be to reap its benefits’ He stated.

The Prime Minister stated that if the people of the country are motivated to achieve a goal, no obstacle will stand in their way. He stated that people’s participation ensures the success of even the most difficult task.

The success of the Digital India Mission

‘The tremendous success of the Digital India Mission is the country’s response to those who claimed that bringing about change in villages is difficult. Our towns have shown that they can not only affect change but also lead change’ He stated.

Natural farming, according to Modi, allows India to lead the world in the direction of sustainable growth and pure food by sharing its benefits through the country’s thousands of years of knowledge and expertise.

‘For centuries, India has led the world in this domain. As a result, now is the moment to move forward on the path of natural farming and fully capitalise on new global opportunities’ He stated.

Natural farming is also the foundation of economic success, according to Modi. ‘As our farmers advance and prosper, as our agriculture advances, so will our country. Also Read | PM Modi gained backing from key farmer leaders to adopt natural/organic farming.

When you practise natural farming, you are helping Mother Earth by preserving soil quality and productivity. Natural farming is beneficial to both nature and the environment. When you join natural farming, you will also have the opportunity to serve Gaumata (holy cow)’ He stated.

Following 75 years of independence, India has begun working on many such goals, which will serve as the foundation for big changes in the future, he said. ‘In ‘Amrit kaal,’ the spirit of everyone’s labour, which is leading our growth journey, is the foundation of the country’s progress,’ he continued.

The Prime Minister stated that countrymen and local panchayats have been asked to spearhead efforts to improve villages, the poor, and farmers. He went on to say that natural farming protects people from severe diseases caused by the usage of pesticides.

The Prime Minister also discussed government initiatives to promote natural farming, like the ‘Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Scheme.’

He stated that 30,000 clusters have been established around the country as part of the initiative, which will assist lakhs of farmers.

Associated with the Namami Gange project

Natural farming has also been linked with the Namami Gange project, and a separate campaign to construct a natural farming corridor along the Ganga river has been launched, he said, adding that similar trials can be carried out on the banks of the Tapi and Narmada rivers.

Modi also stated that the government has created a quality assurance system to certify natural farming produce. ‘In the global market, our farmers are exporting such produce at a good rate,’ he stated.

‘We must reach as many farmers as possible with the benefits. In addition to the government’s efforts, we would go to our ancient knowledge in this direction’ he stated, referring to many ancient manuscripts that contain such knowledge.

He urged non-governmental organisations and specialists to focus on natural farming and conduct new experiments to discover ways to strengthen farmers, enhance agriculture, and safeguard Mother Earth.

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Modi also praised residents in Surat for their efforts to promote ecological farming. Surat has developed committees and teams at the village level, while nodal officers have been assigned responsibility at the taluka level, with training programmes and workshops planned.

‘Over 40,000 farmers from 550 village panchayats have joined natural farming in such a short period of time. Surat’s natural farming style has the potential to become a model for the entire country’ He stated.

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