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Patent for insecticidal combination to control the entire sucking pest complex

"According to the company, the patent is valid for 20 years"

Best Agrolife Limited announced on Friday that it has been granted a patent for an insecticidal combination that will help control the entire sucking pest complex, including whitefly, jassids, aphids, and thrips, in multiple crops with a single spray.

As per the company, the patent is valid for 20 years. Diafenthiuron and Pyriproxyfen are both present in the insecticide combination in bioactive amounts. According to the company, the patent covers the combination of Pyriproxyfen, Diafenthiuron, and Dinotefuran is a novel suspension concentrate formulation.

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The company has applied for a product trademark- RONFEN- for the insecticidal combination, which will be available on the market at the start of the next kharif season.

‘In FY 22-23, we anticipate a lowest possible sale volume of 1,500 kilo litres, worth ₹ 410 crore, of this novel combination. We have decided to introduce it pan-India (Presence Across Nation) on multiple crops due to its excellent control of the entire sucking pest complex in a single spray,’ Vimal Alawadhi, Managing Director, Best Agrolife Ltd, said it in a statement.

Size of the market

The Indian pesticide market is expected to reach upwards of ₹ 29,290 crore by 2023, growing at an 8.3 percent CAGR. Best Agrolife claims that with this patent, it now has a competitive advantage over other players in India.

Best Agrolife shares closed 1.56 percent higher on the BSE on Friday at 548.90. Best Agrolife posted a net profit of ₹ 37.07 crore on revenue of ₹ 905.45 crore for the fiscal year ended March 2021.

‘For the past two years, the product has been subjected to large-scale field trials. The product may be in high demand for next year in the market and can start generating very high revenue for the company in FY22-23 due to the current pest situation and its control on the entire sucking pest complex in different crops in just one spray alone,’ said Raajan Ailawadhi, Executive Director, Best Agrolife.

According to Ailawadhi, sucking pests are the most serious threat to crop productivity on a global scale. Such losses are estimated to have reduced annual crop productivity by 18-20%.

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Best Agrolife claims to be one of the top 15 agrochemical companies in the country, with a 90% share in speciality chemicals and over 360 formulations.

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