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Ongoing Farmers’ protest see no part for Supreme Court


Most of the farmers’ organisations protesting are in no mood to join the legal battle launched by a section of outfits against the three farm laws.

They see the effort as a distraction tactic and believe the demonstrations can be pacified only by a political decision to revoke the laws.

‘Abrogate the Rules’

On Wednesday, that the representatives of the farmers said that the Supreme Court had no position to play in this matter. ” The Centre has previously advocated that a board will be setup to resolve our concerns. We dismissed the idea outright. The only way of ending the protests is to revoke the laws,” said All India Kisan Sabha leader P Krishnaprasad.

The Centre’s stand in the Supreme Court was condemned by a statement from the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee.

Farmers reject amendments to the Centre’s controversial farm laws, protest to continue

It claimed that the Centre had passed anti-farmer laws that led to national agitation, and that the Centre had to repeal these laws in order to put an end to this ongoing crisis.

‘Voices by AIKSCC’

AIKSCC voices shock at the degree of arrogance of the newly elected Centre in refusing the farmer’s justified demand that the abolition of the anti-farmer laws provide the basis for substantive debate on the long-standing demand for guaranteed income from farmers and the assured financially rewarding prices of all crops for all farmers. The Union Government comes up with fresh spins every day to discredit and denigrate those who have voted it and giving it the right to rule, instead of concentrating on the real issue of farmers. In democratic India, this is intolerable. The government and constitutional institutions must express the grammar of democratic governance as there are courts for checks and balances, not as a substitute for the responsibilities to be met by the political executive,’ the statement said.

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