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MCF Ltd, to revamp its ammonia plant, hopes to operational by June 2022

MCF Ltd, to revamp its ammonia plant, hopes to operational by June 2022

Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers (MCF) Ltd, which now has made a decision to revamp its ammonia plant, hopes to have it operational by June 2022.

According to Prabhakar Rao, Director (Works) of MCF, in accordance with the Department of Fertilizers‘ new urea policy, which directs urea producers to further improve their energy consumption norms, MCF has decided to carry out a major revamp of its ammonia plant (intermediate in urea production) with the intention of improving its performance in terms of energy consumption to par with modern plants.

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MCF’s ammonia and urea plants were operational in 1976. Currently, the company produces approximately 4 lakh tonnes of urea per year.

Energy conservation

Rao stated that the plants are among the most energy-efficient of that vintage and that the feedstock was switched from naphtha to natural gas in December 2020, resulting in energy savings and significant environmental benefits.

According to him, the existing plants have been studied by renowned ammonia technology providers. As a result, the revamp plan was created using Kellogg Brown & Root technology. Worley (WorleyParsons Limited, rebranded as Worley after acquisition of Jacobs’ Energy) obtained environmental clearance from the Ministry of Environment in August 2018, and detailed design and engineering were then completed.

Rao also stated that the project will be completed in June 2022. The plant will be built in accordance with strict safety regulations. The project will reduce urea production’s energy consumption by about 12%. It conserves natural resources like natural gas in the same way.

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The plant will also produce up to 25% more ammonia, which will be used to replace the country’s imports of ammonia. The plant’s reliability will improve significantly with the installation of the most modern equipment, he added.

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