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IT job to donkey farming, Karnataka Man discovered gold in donkey milk

IT job to donkey farming, Karnataka Man discovered gold in donkey milk
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IT job to donkey farming, Karnataka Man discovered gold in donkey milk. Donkey milk is more expensive than an IT job.

Karnataka Man has discovered gold in donkey milk. He turned to self-employment and is now not only earning well but also doing so on his own terms.

He has become a successful business owner. He’s quit his comfortable IT job and started selling milk from his donkey farm. Srinivas Gowda, the owner of the farm and the business, has a similar startup up and running in Kerala and Karnataka state. He stated that he was moved by the plight of donkeys and decided to provide shelter and care for them.

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After quitting his job in a software company, Gowda founded Isiri farms, an integrated agriculture and animal husbandry center, on a 2.3-acre plot in Ira village in 2020. They are also bringing up other animals such as rabbits, chickens, and 20 donkeys. The farm is thriving with animals, and the man is profiting from it.

Donkey’s milk is delicious, expensive, and has medicinal properties. Gowda, the owner, intends to sell donkey’s milk in packets similar to other packaged goods. According to the business owner, a 30ml milk packet will cost ₹ 150 and will be distributed through malls, shops, and supermarkets.

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He also intends to sell donkey’s milk for use in cosmetics. He stated that orders worth ₹ 17 lakh have already been received. According to PETA, beauty products are tested on mice, rats, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, monkeys, fish, and birds. However, more businesses are transitioning to cruelty-free beauty products.

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