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India to export Mangoes, Pomegranates to US & Washington alfalfa hay, cherries in 2022

India to export Mangoes, Pomegranates to US & Washington alfalfa hay, cherries in 2022-

Bilateral trade starts this month as India export fruits like Mangoes, Pomegranates to US & Washington to export alfalfa hay and cherries in 2022

After reaching an agreement on the pre-clearance inspection and irradiation procedure, as well as the operational work plan for the export of the fruits, India is set to export mangoes to the United States this month, after a two-year pause, and to begin shipping pomegranates as well.

This comes to a decision made at the India-US Trade Policy Forum in November 2021 to increase market access for agricultural exports. According to the Commerce and Industry Ministry, Washington will begin exporting alfalfa hay and cherries to India in April 2022.

India-US Trade Policy Forum agreed to ease market access for fruits, animal feeds

Open of doors after Two Years

‘Exports of mangoes from India to the United States have not occurred in the last two years since inspectors from the country have been unable to travel to inspect the irradiation procedure for the mangoes. Since then, India has been in negotiations with the US to find a solution. Exports will now be possible following the agreement on the transfer of the preclearance program and regulatory control of irradiation for mangoes and pomegranates to Indian authorities,’ an official told.

According to a press published by the Commerce & Industry Ministry, the Department of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) have signed a framework agreement for executing the 2 vs 2 agri market access concerns. This deal addresses all market access issues confronting mangoes and pomegranates from India, as well as cherries and alfalfa hay from the United States.

Shipment of fruits

Further, the statement said that while mangoes and pomegranates will be sent from India to the United States in January-February 2022, pomegranate arils (the red edible component within the fruit) will be exported in April 2022.

Based on TPF conversations, the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying is likewise willing to authorize the import of pork from the United States and has requested that the country exchange sanitary certificates before the matter can be finalized.

During US Trade Representative Katherine Tai’s November visit to India and meeting with Commerce & Industry Minister Piyush Goyal, agriculture was one of the primary topics on which both leaders showed a willingness to be flexible in order to increase trade.

Bilateral trade boost

Both countries agreed to continue working together to boost bilateral trade in agricultural and food processing industry through the TPF Working Group on Agricultural Goods in 2022, as well as to have technical discussions over plant health, animal health,  food safety, and other technical concerns.

Mango farmers, resellers to sell their fruits out of APMC due to Covid pandemic

In 2020-21, India’s agriculture and allied product exports increased 17.34% to $ 41.25 billion. The major markets for Indian agriculture exports are the United States, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Iran, Indonesia,  and Malaysia.

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