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If elected to power, ₹ 25,000 monthly income to every farmer family: SSM

If elected to power provide Rs 25000 monthly income to every farmer family - SSM

If elected to power in Punjab, the debutant Sanyukt Samaj Morcha (SSM) vowed to provide at least ₹ 25,000 monthly income to every farmer family, toll-free motorways, and attempts to repeal the UAPA, sedition, and other ‘black laws.’

SSM head Balbir Singh Rajewal and senior leader Ruldu Singh Mansa also vowed to ‘create a ‘Save Farmers Commission’ to explore measures for the economic betterment of peasants’ in the party manifesto.

The SSM document stated, ‘On the agriculture and rural front, the morcha will endeavor to guarantee an income of ₹ 25,000 per month for each farmer family.’ It also guaranteed farmers a ₹ 3 lakh interest-free credit through cooperative groups.

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‘To make farming a viable career and to diversify cropping patterns, a minimum support price would be guaranteed for all crops, vegetables, and fruits,’ the party added. The government would step in and reimburse farmers for losses sustained as a result of market prices lower than the MSP. Self-help organizations in villages and rural cooperative societies would be promoted, and a loan of ₹ 5 lakh with a 2% interest rate would be made available to start small food processing facilities and other microenterprises in rural regions. The network of local cooperative organizations will be strengthened and become the heart of farming activity, with minimal state intrusion.’

According to the SSM, Punjab, as a border state, should be accorded special status’ on par with the hill states, entitling it to preferential treatment in central taxes and charges. The SSM also asked the Union government for a ‘special package’ for Punjab’s economic revival.

If the SSM is elected in Punjab, ‘all efforts would be made to remove the over-centralization of power at the Centre and to reinstate real cooperative federalism,’ according to the manifesto. Because India is a ‘Union of States,’ according to the Indian constitution, strong federalism is the only guarantee of a strong India.’

It was stated that Punjabi NRIs would be enlisted to adopt their local villages in order to establish education and health services in rural regions. ‘Their assistance will also be sought in making Punjab a debt-free state.’ We shall request that the Union government open the Hussainiwala and Wagah crossings in order to enhance the commerce of Punjab’s agriculture produce in Pakistan and farther into Central Asia,’ it added.

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‘SSM is in the core race for 22-23 seats.’

Manjeet Singh, SSM’s chief spokesman, stated, ‘Our candidates received the poll symbol only four days ago.’ There are already reports from the ground that our candidates are in the running for 22-23 seats in the general election. The reaction to our candidates is growing by the day. In the next 5-6 days, the image will become obvious.

‘We are hopeful about the formation of the SSM’s government,’ Ruldu Singh Mansa remarked. We are not influencing anyone’s vote, but the SAD, Congress, AAP, and BJP are. They should remain away since these parties have dominated the country for the past 70 years. It is now our turn. For the past 40 years, we have fought for the people. I’ve already visited five constituencies, and our candidates are doing well in Punjab.

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