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Govt play yet another ‘trick’ of forming MSP committee after elections: Surjewala

Govt play yet another 'trick' of forming MSP committee after elections - Surjewala
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Central Govtvernment play yet another ‘trick’ of forming MSP committee after the elections- Surjewala

The Congress charged on Friday that the government’s fear of losing elections prompted it to play yet another ‘trick’ by announcing that the MSP committee would be formed following the upcoming elections in five states.

The Congress general secretary and chief spokesperson, Randeep Surjewala, previously stated that the government used every trick to frighten and abuse farmers, but when they refused to cave, the black farm laws were repealed.

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‘They were abused, humiliated, lathi-charged shot at, had nails embedded in the ground, and roads were dug up, but the farmers refused to return, so conspiracies were devised against them. Cases were filed (against farmers), and they were frightened, but after a while, the ‘black’ farm laws were repealed. But because the mind was still polluted, they betrayed (farmers). Fearing defeat in elections, they have now pulled another trick.’ Surjewala stated in a Hindi tweet.

His response came after Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar told the Rajya Sabha that the government is committed to forming a committee on Minimum Support Price (MSP), but the Election Commission responded by saying it can only be done after the elections.

In November last year, when announcing the repeal of three farm laws, Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to form a committee to discuss farmers’ demand for a lawful guarantee on MSP.

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In response to a supplementary question during Question Hour, Tomar stated that the government had written to the Election Commission in anticipation of assembly elections in five states.

The minister stated that the matter of forming the MSP committee is being considered by the ministry and will be formed after the elections are completed.

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