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Garuda Aerospace pledged to build 6 lakh drones & create 6 lakh jobs by 2025

Garuda Aerospace pledged to build 6 lakh drones & create 6 lakh jobs by 2025

Garuda Aerospace pledged to build 6 lakh drones & create 6 lakh jobs by 2025

Drone startup located in Chennai under its Kisan Drone program, Garuda Aerospace has pledged to build 6 lakh drones and create 6 lakh employment by 2025. This will benefit farmers by providing technologies and solutions for spraying insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers. According to a firm news release, this will help people avoid life-threatening medical problems and diseases.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently inaugurated Garuda Aerospace’s Kisan Drone production plants in Gurgaon and Chennai. The Prime Minister also launched off the Kisan Drone Yathra, which saw 100 drones take to the air simultaneously across 100 Indian villages, as part of this event.

Farmers eager, excited to hire ‘affordable’ Kisan drones for their crops

The Prime Minister stated in a tweet, ‘I’m glad I got to see Kisan Drones in operation in 100 different locations around the country. This is a wonderful endeavor by @garuda India, a brisk start-up. Innovative technologies will empower our farmers and increase the profitability of agriculture.’

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Model of ‘Drone as a Service

Garuda Aerospace’s low-cost drone-based solutions are supported by the hardware, software, and analytical tools that will increase efficiency and save costs in the agriculture sector.

Garuda Aerospace’s ‘Drone as a Service’ concept will enable farmers to save up to 80% of their water consumption, 90% fewer pesticides, and cover larger farmed regions in less time. With an enhanced precision level of roughly 75%, it has also been found that the use of Kisan Drones has resulted in a 60% increase in agricultural output and a 20% reduction in crop loss.

‘Mission Uttar Pradesh’ How can farmers afford drones if they aren’t getting basic prices for their produce?: SKM

The Kisan Drone is outfitted with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and GPS sensors to provide farmers with precise and real-time data about their fields and crops. According to the announcement, it can also assist farmers with monitoring and mapping systems.

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