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Farmers eager, excited to hire ‘affordable’ Kisan drones for their crops

Farmers eager and excited to hire 'affordable' Kisan drones for their farm (1)

Farmers are eager and excited to hire ‘affordable’ Kisan drones to use on their farms to protect the crops.

Farmers are eager to utilize ‘Kisan drones’ for their farming activities such as to spray pesticides and nutrients on their crops if they can be rented at a reasonable price, according to farmer organizations.

‘The use of Kisan drones will reduce reliance on farm labour,’ said Yashwanth Chidipothu, national spokesperson for the Federation of All India Farmers’ Association (FAIFA). ‘Farmers, on the other hand, cannot afford to buy drones on their own. They are able to hire them.’

He told that the government could set up some agencies that would buy drones and rent them to farmers for up to ₹350 per acre for spraying insecticides and fertilizers. Also Read | Centre to finalise guidelines for use of drones to apply fertiliser to crop

In her budget presentation on Tuesday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman stated that the government will promote Kisan drones to help farmers assess crops, digitize land records, and spray insecticides and nutrients.

‘We are excited about using drones to spray manures and keep our crop pest-free,’ Chidipothu said. ‘We don’t always get farm labourers to do the same.’

Farmers in Madhya Pradesh’s soyabean belt reported difficulties spraying fertilizers and insecticides in their fields during the pandemic. Also Read | Budget highlights: Natural farming, 2.37 lk cr MSP, Drones, Digital, Rural enterprise.

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