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Faster than Piza! Liquor online delivery is guaranteed within 10 minutes

Faster than Piza! Liquor online delivery is guaranteed within 10 minutes
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Faster than Piza! Liquor online delivery is guaranteed within 10 minutes.

Several businesses already provide online delivery of alcoholic beverages; however, the Hyderabad-based company claims that none of them offer a service that guarantees delivery within 10 minutes.

You can now order alcoholic beverages, and they will be delivered to your home within ten minutes of placing your order. According to a statement released by the company, a new business venture has begun offering a service in Kolkata that promises to deliver alcoholic beverages within ten minutes.

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Boozie, which is the flagship brand of Innovent Technologies Private Limited, asserts that it is India’s first platform for the delivery of liquor within ten minutes. According to a report from PTI, a company based in Hyderabad stated that while several other businesses already offer online delivery of alcoholic beverages, none of them currently have the 10-minute service.

According to the statement, the service was introduced in the city’s eastern metropolitan area after receiving authorization from the West Bengal State Excise Department.

According to the website, ‘Booozie is a delivery aggregator that picks up liquor from the nearest shop, with 10-minute delivery by using cutting-edge AI that predicts consumer behavior and order patterns.’

Innovent Technologies has developed a B2B logistics management platform. This platform will optimize the delivery costs, which will result in Booozie being an affordable platform.

‘We applaud the move by the government of West Bengal to open doors for aggregators in an effort to reduce the gap between the level of consumer demand and the supply that is currently available on the market.’

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‘Most of the apprehensions associated with liquor delivery, such as delivery to under-age persons, adulteration, excessive consumption, etc. have been addressed,’ said Booozie co-founder and CEO Vivekanand Balijepalli. ‘With the advent of cutting edge technologies and Booozie’s commitment to responsible drinking.’

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