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Supply small machinery and equipment to enhance small farmers income


On Monday, Union minister for Agriculture Shri N. S. Tomar said the center is focusing on farm mechanisation and urged the companies to supply small farm machinery and equipment to the farmers with less ownership of land to enhance their farm income.

The Minister was speaking at the Tractor and Mechanization Association’s annual general meeting on Monday.

Tomar spoke about the government’s aim in 10 years to double farm mechanisation per hectare and said it was only possible with industry help, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) said in a statement.

The focus of the government is on providing farmers with big, advanced agricultural equipment for their farm operations, the minister said.

Usage of Latest Technology and Modern Machineries in Agri Sector

He asked the members of the association to supply small-scale utility machines to small-scale farmers, so that 86% of these farmers would easily acquire machines and increase their profits, the statement added.

Tomar summarized the numerous steps taken by the government over the past six years to increase the agricultural sector’s growth and increase the income of farmers.

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