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Usage of Latest Technology and Modern Machineries in Agri Sector.


Tractor farm machine that once upon a time was the talk of town as a innovative and technological genius in the field of agriculture is now old a news.

The present era of farming system has witness availability of various modern machines. Going down the ancient days, animals were used as the primary source of energy in farming operations. Later, steam power came into existence and gained the importance.

After the World War- I, gas powered tractors and other farm machineries became common, followed by diesel engine became farmers preference. In the developed countries, this development resulted to lower number of farm labors, while farm production continued to increase due to the use of machinery.

Agriculture Technology has transformed farming to increase output and quality of yields. In this dot com generation, farmers who are still continuing the operations with the traditional agriculture tools are spoiling their good health and wasting time.

Tractor the farm machine that once upon a time was the talk of town as a innovative and technological genius in the field of agriculture is now old a news. The capability of modern farm machinery has transformed the agricultural industry for the good. The following are the latest tools and machineries which are available to farmers and their uses.


Old is gold and as far as tractors is concerned, through the history it is one of the greatest invention. This piece of machinery addressed most of the agricultural operation needs. With its huge wheels that are designed to move on an uneven ground, tractors work well even on flooded farms with more or less equal capability.


Basically, this giant machine is a lawn mower and can help farmers in chopping hay for livestock. A Combine designed with a comb cutter for cutting the plants mature grain and also a long rake in front of that machine which is critical in separating the grain from the crop plants.


This is a remarkable piece of agricultural equipment, used for making rows and furrows the earth for the planting season. A ploughs has an advantage over a tractor as it can shift the earth using its powerful blades with much ease.


This is a massive machine used for breaking metal, wood, and other solid particles and segregated by the plough. The solid particles prevent the growth of crops in the field.


This can be drone or a moveable tank filled with fungicide, insecticide or pesticide that is sprayed uniformly over the standing crop in the field. If this is done manually, a face mask and hand glows must be worn because these hazardous chemicals can be dangerous to human health.

Tillage planter

A tillage planter is made for hard agricultural land that cannot be ploughed using a common plough easily. This handy equipment sows seeds in the ground without any prior tillage.


Fertilizer is an necessary input for good and healthy growth of crops. This equipment requires the farmers to add the manure in dump tube only and spread it around his field.

Plant breeding and genetics

This technique represents an priceless contribution to crops production and productivity. Genetics also introduced the scientific basis in animal husbandry science. Hydroponics is another technique by means of which plants boom without soil by chemical nutrient solutions is also solving other additional agricultural problems.

Automatic InRow Weeder

Weeding is a critical part of cultivation to making sure a good crop. Thus, the InRow Weeder is handy to effectively and quickly remove up weeds without worrying about hurting the original crops.


Drone and other remote-controlled vehicles are used for farming purposes, such as spraying, planting, transportation of perishable goods and crop fumigant to control insect diseases.

Conclusion:  With the mentioned modern machinery and latest technologies, agriculture sector has become more of a science than an art.

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