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Farmers applaud Govt for promoting digital technology in Agri sector-FAIFA

"FAIFA and Farmers applaud Govt for promoting digital technology in Agri sector"

FAIFA and Farmers applaud the union governament for promoting digital technology in Agri and allied sectors

The Federation of All India Farmer Associations (FAIFA) has applauded the steps taken by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare to promote digital technology in the Agriculture sector and it has urged the government to take appropriate steps to ensure the mission’s smooth implementation and execution.

FAIFA is made up of commercial crop farmers and farmworkers from the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Gujarat. The farmers’ organization believes that the government’s agriculture-friendly actions will accelerate the pace of major farm sector reforms in the country and aid in increasing farm income.

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FAIFA believes that the move to encourage technology adoption in the agriculture sector will enable farmers, particularly smallholder farmers (SHF), to make informed decisions about which crops to grow, which seed varieties to use, and which best practices to adopt.

Furthermore, it will provide farmers with a framework for future dealings when selling their products and will assist them in easily navigating the market while reducing the risk of uncertainty. This is in addition to maximizing yield and thus making the agriculture sector profitable.

The farmers’ organization recognizes that the implementation of digital technologies in the farm sector will allow for more precise targeting of all subsidies, services, and policies to benefit the farming community. This is in addition to modernizing agriculture supply chains, allowing Agri supply chain participants to plan procurement and logistics based on precise and timely information.

It will also support projects that use artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to modernize the country’s agriculture sector.

FAIFA believes that the government’s decision to collaborate with private sector enterprises establishes a shared intention to educate and increase farmers’ income among the government, companies, and farming community in order to bring about revolutionary changes in the Indian agriculture sector.

This move will have a significant impact on smallholder farmers by increasing their income, protecting their produce, and encouraging future generations to pursue Agriculture and Agribusiness.

It has urged the government to conduct periodic reviews of the digital technology mission in consultation with farmers, as well as to consider including FAIFA farmer representatives in crop-related stakeholder meetings and decision-making processes.

FAIFA President Javare Gowda stated, ‘We welcome the government’s recent decisions to promote the use of digital technology in the farming sector.’ India is fortunate to have a large pool of scientific human resources working tirelessly to resolve field-level problems and evolve technological solutions.

Furthermore, many technologies and practises have been developed by individuals and corporate bodies in the private sector. In spite of this, not all of the technologies developed for the farming sector have reached all farmers. It is good to see the government is promoting technology in the farm sector, which is currently underserved.’

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FAIFA national spokesperson Yashwanth Chidipothu added, ‘Recent government moves to facilitate the adoption of digital technology in agriculture will go a long way toward addressing India’s agrarian crisis.’ It will supplement the government’s enabling policy measures to transform the agriculture sector.

We urge the union government to make sure that its full implementation so that the benefits of digital technology would reach all farmers and usher in another green revolution. We also propose that these measures be reviewed on a regular basis in consultation with farmers to ensure that they are fully effective.’

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