Article Payment Policy

Last Updated: 26-12-2022

Agri News, India’s most comprehensive Agri News portal, is dedicated to providing the farming community with exclusive Agri and Allied Sector information. It was made to show care for the earth and its people by letting people communicate without paper and using strong technology.

We believe in our philosophy of sharing. In the same way, we want academics, business owners, research scholars, progressive farmers, and farming fans to share their expertise, knowledge, and experience with our readers. Agri News, a young startup, would love to honour our contributors for the articles they share on ‘’ platform.

To begin with, Agri News would pay ₹ 1000 for every published article (not shortlisted) as a token of thanks and an invitation to the Agri Knowledge Building Community (ANBC). After the article is published, this amount will be sent to the contributor’s account within 6 business days.

Unlimited Earnings: There are no limits on how much you can earn because the published content (articles or news) stays in the Agri News cloud database, which anyone can access from anywhere at any time. So, once the content is out there, it will continue to make money for itself with every view it gets.

Earning Points: For every view of the article, you will receive one point. This will continue until it reaches 5000 views. After that, there will be a bonus of ₹ 500. From 5001 views to 10000 views, there will be 50 paise for every single view. After reaching 10000 views, there will be another and final bonus of ₹ 1000, with which the point system payment will stop automatically and there will be no further remittance for the published article. A fresh ‘Point System Earning’ will start again with a new article published.

So, we encourage our writers to post articles often to educate our readers.

Our article payment policy is subject to change at any time without notice. To make sure you are aware of any changes, please review this policy periodically.