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Before Valentine’s Day, rose sales from Bengaluru are in full bloom

Before Valentine's Day, rose sales from Bengaluru are in full bloom

Before Valentine’s Day, rose sales from Bengaluru are in full bloom

With Valentine’s Day coming up, rose exports from Bengaluru have gone up this year. Some local exporters have reported a 30% increase in volume, and Singapore, Dubai, and Malaysia are the main places where roses are sent.

‘After the pandemic fall, shipments have rebounded up well this year,’ Umesh, proprietor of KR Flora, a small flower exporter in Bengaluru, said. This year, we saw a 30% increase in export quantities to 20,000 bunches of roses. This year, our main export markets have been Thailand, Dubai, Malaysia, and Singapore.’

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New flowering

Several other Bengaluru exporters contacted by businessline reported similar trends, with their export volume increasing by 15-30%. This is good news for farmers because the flower markets have been hurt over the last two years by pandemic restrictions, rising freight costs, and rain that didn’t happen at the right time.

Local markets are performing well this year, in parallel with overseas exports. ‘The costs of rose stems have jumped to ₹17 per stem and are projected to fly up to ₹24 by Valentine’s Day,’ said Rhea Karuturi, Co-founder of Hoovu Fresh.

She also said that this year’s production has been good because there haven’t been any heavy or unpredictable rains and the weather has been good.

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However, the total export volume for this year’s Valentine’s Day sales is unknown. According to data compiled by Bengaluru International Airport, international rose exports increased by 137% last year, from 2.17 lakh kg to 5.15 lakh kg, while domestic exports increased by 205%, from 1.03 lakh kg to 3.15 lakh kg.

Bengaluru and Hosur in Tamil Nadu are the two main places in south India where flowers are grown. Garden City is the top exporter of cut roses in the country.

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