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Karnataka mango lovers have reason to hope if dry, cold weather lasts till April

Karnataka mango lovers have reason to hope if dry, cold weather lasts till April

Karnataka mango lovers have reason to hope if the dry, cold weather lasts till April

If the dry weather lasts until April, the harvest for this year is expected to be around 12 lakh metric tons.

This season appears to have some good news for mango growers and mango lovers. After two “off” years, this year may have a good output, barring any weather variances.

Due to unpredictable rain and a disease called blight, both the quality and the amount of fruit in the state have gone down in the last two years. It was just around 7-8 lakh metric tonnes last year, compared to an annual average of 10–14 lakh metric tonnes.

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According to senior officials of the Karnataka State Mango Development and Marketing Corporation Limited (KSMDMCL), if the dry weather persists until April, the harvest this year might be over 12 lakh metric tonnes.

Important considerations

Experts say that the amount of water in the soil and the temperature at night are two important factors in getting mango flowers to open and setting fruit. ‘If there are chilly circumstances, there will be good blossom initiation. So far this year, the nighttime temperature has been dropping, and there has been no rain since December. If the current weather pattern holds, this year should be an ‘on’ year for mangoes,’ according to a top official.

Usually, fruits from the Ramanagaram district are the first to show up in the markets. However, rain in the first week of December slowed down flowering, so mangoes from that area won’t be available until May. Mangoes from other regions of the state, such as Kolar and Chickballapur, will be ready to eat by the end of April. Senthoora, Raspuri, and Badami (Alphonso) cultivars will be available first.

Excellent production

Mangoes are grown on around 1.60 lakh hectares of land in Karnataka, with the Kolar district accounting for almost 50% of overall production in the state. Because of the ease of transportation, a variety of products from other states such as Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra are also expected to enter the market this year. While prices ranged between ₹100 and ₹200 last year, a good supply this year may imply that mangoes are more affordable to customers.

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If COVID-19 cases don’t go up, the Mango Board would like to hold a big version of the famous Mango Mela in Lalbagh this year. Mangoes will also be available on Karsiri, KSMDMCL’s online portal, where clients can place orders directly from farmers and have them delivered to their doorstep via India Post, by the first week of May.

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