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Agrochemicals: PI Industries launches Product for Lepidopteran & Sucking Pests

Agrochemicals - PI Industries launches Product for Lepidopteran, Sucking Pests
Photo: Shashidhara AN

Leading Agrochemicals Company-PI Industries Ltd. launched ‘Brofreya’ product for Effective Control of Lepidopteran and Sucking Pests.

PI Industries Ltd, one of India’s leading agrochemicals companies, unveiled its most breakthrough technological product Brofreya in Bengaluru.

The Company CEO, Mr. Prashanth Hegde, Marketing Head, Dushyanth Stood, Chief Commercial Officer, Gaurav Katyal, Cluster Head, M. Simhadri Naidu, Zonal Manager, Bharat, Bangalore Regional Sales Manager, Shashidhara AN, Japanese Mitsui Company representatives, Crop Manager, Rajkamal Singh, Pravin Jadhav, and Dr. Ajay Kumar were present at the launch.

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In his speech to the farmers, Prashanth Hegde stated that the PI Company is introducing World Class pesticides for Indian farmers in partnership with Japanese companies such as Mitsui. Brofreya (Broflanilide 20 percent SC) is now being released globally to combat the threat of both lepidopteran and sucking pests in horticultural crops.

He also stated that Brofreya-treated crop produce is safer for farmers the following day due to its low PHI of one day. In his technical presentation, Dr. Halappa, Sr Manager, stated that Brofreya is a unique product for horticultural crop growers that kills both sucking pests and lepidopteran pest complexes through Powerful Contact and Translaminar Actions.

It has QP technology, which ensures rainfast action and produces a high-quality product that commands premium prices on the market for farmers. Ramesha, Marketing Manager, highlighted pesticide safety and the use of PPE kits during spraying pesticides.

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