Agri-tech ‘Innoterra’ won National Award for Entrepreneurship in Agriculture

Agri-tech 'Innoterra' won National Award for Entrepreneurship in Agriculture
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Innoterra, an agri-tech company, has won the National Award for Agriculture Entrepreneurship.

At the National Conference on Horticultural Value Chains in Pune, the Swiss-Indian agri-tech platform company Innoterra won the National Award for Entrepreneurship in Agriculture.

‘The award shows that Innoterra is the best agri-tech platform company on the market.’ In a press release, the company said, ‘The company was praised for its track record in perishables, especially in banana cluster development in India.’

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The Union Ministry of Agriculture put on the event, which was attended by 2,000 people from FPOs, farmers, researchers, and policymakers. Anup Karwa, who is in charge of nutrition in India and works for Innoterra, went to the show to represent the company. He had a booth where he showed off a variety of the company’s products and services.

In a statement, Karwa said, ‘This award shows that we are committed to improving the lives of farmer households connected to horticulture clusters.’ We are excited to work with the Indian horticulturists to make certified, high-quality, healthy, and trackable food products to feed the world.’

The company’s platform business is based on and built on its nutrition business. When it came out in April, Innoterra’s platform linked two powerful digital orchestration marketplaces to the whole agricultural value chain.

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The input marketplace is where farmers can get the things they need to run their farms, and the output marketplace is where smallholder farmer households can sell their crops to retailers.

Innoterra recently hit a big milestone: it now has more than 323,500 farmer households and more than 12,000 retailers on its platform.

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