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Agritech CropIn partnered with African Mucheki to create digital ecosystem

"Agritech CropIn partnered with African Mucheki to create digital ecosystem"

Start-up in agritech CropIn has entered into a partnership with Mucheki Consulting to create a digital ecosystem in the country and to strengthen and expand CropIn’s presence in Africa.

Mucheki Consulting made its presence and serves the entire African continent, with office locations in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. It provides specialized Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and services to forward-thinking businesses across Africa.

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CropIn’s partnership with Mucheki Consulting aims to supplement the ERP solutions that Mucheki Consulting provides to its customers. CropIn’s digital solutions will also assist governments in providing key data and insights about soil, climate, pests, and other details to help them address Africa’s food security problems and restore balance. Customers can expect improved business intelligence, better business operations, lower costs, higher quality levels, superior collaboration, and business growth.

The coalition aims to strengthen African farmers by digitizing farms and providing real-time data on weather, crop health,  soil quality, disease prediction, yield estimation, and pestilence risk.

Jitesh Shah, CRO (Chief Risk Officer ) at CropIn, said of the collaboration, ‘Through this collaboration, new vistas for a sustainable agricultural ecosystem can open up in Africa. Over the last eighteen months, the situation has accelerated innovative efforts to design and employ the power of digital technology to cater innovative solutions to existing agricultural problems. Recent evidence from Africa suggests that new-age technology can boost marginal farmers’ productivity and income by streamlining operations, increasing traceability, and improving access to inputs and financial markets.’

‘Farmland data collection, use, and analysis have the potential to significantly disrupt existing farming business models. New strategic alliances between the private and public sectors can aid in reaping the benefits of digital technology,’ Shah adds.

In addition, Mucheki Group CEO, Churchward stated, ‘With an estimated 60 million farms, modern-day farming has become an intensely technological and scientific practice. The growing population, shifting demographic landscapes, global warming, and diverse urban dietary needs all necessitate a technologically enhanced value chain.

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Mucheki has the vision to play a vital role in Africa’s agricultural and Allied sector, and we believe CropIn from India has a number of digital solutions that will complement our initiative in Africa.’

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