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Kejriwal expressed confidence at farmers’ rally to form corruption free govt in Karnataka

Kejriwal expressed confidence at farmers' rally to form corruption free govt in Karnataka

Kejriwal expressed confidence at a farmers’ rally to form a corruption-free govt in Karnataka

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal expressed confidence on Thursday that his party will win the 2023 Karnataka elections after winning in the national capital and Punjab.

Whereas speaking to a farmers’ rally here about suspected corruption in Karnataka, Kejriwal claimed that while the previous Congress government was known as the ‘20% commission government,’ the current BJP administration was known as the ‘40% commission government.’

‘When we requested a law against corruption, we, the average people, were challenged to enter politics. We decided to start a political party. Our first government was established in Delhi, followed by Punjab (this year). In Karnataka, we will now establish our next government’ Kejriwal said in a rally organized by many farmers’ organizations led by Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS).

KRRS convenor Kodihalli Chandrashekar joined the AAP and urged members to give the party their complete support. The AAP leader also mentioned the alleged suicide of a civil contractor who accused Karnataka Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Minister K S Eshwarappa of collecting a 40% commission.

‘Because Delhi has a hardcore honest government, it has a government with no commission. Bribes are not accepted in the amount of a paise’ He asserted. Also Read | Problem of paddy procurement in Telangana taken a political turn.

Kejriwal stated the CBI, Income Tax, and Delhi police raided him, his deputy Manish Sisodia, and 17 MLAs, but the agencies were unable to discover anything solid to ‘frame’ them, sarcastically claiming he received a certificate from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for honesty. In response to the riots in Delhi and other parts of Karnataka, Kejriwal claimed that all of the country’s rowdies, rogues, uncouth, and corrupt belong to ‘one political party.’

‘The son of a minister murders farmers by driving his vehicle over them, but his father gets promoted to minister. Rape perpetrators are greeted with thunderous applause. After a young girl was raped, they organized a ‘Shobha Yatra.’ How can the country prosper in such a situation?’ According to Kejriwal.

‘Engineering riots are unknown to us. Across the country, there are riots. Who is responsible for this? Which political party is responsible for riots? The country’s citizens do not desire unrest. They want peace, and they want to live in a tranquil environment’ According to the AAP’s leader.

People should vote for ‘them’ if they want riots, but the AAP should be voted for if they need schools, hospitals, free power, free transportation, and free water. The Delhi Chief Minister further claimed that the AAP has no experience with rioting because his party is made up of kind people, patriots, and honest citizens who want schools, hospitals, roads, drinkable water, power, and free transportation.

He remarked that farmers’ conditions had not changed even after 75 years of freedom. Despite the fact that agriculture employs 45 percent of the population, the children of farmers do not want to work in the field. He praised farmers for staging a big protest in the capital earlier this year, which pushed the Centre to repeal the three farm regulations 13 months after they were enacted.

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In welcoming Kodihalli Chandrashekar to the AAP, he stated that if elected to power, the party would revolutionize the lives of farmers. He urged farmers to join the AAP in order to rid Karnataka of corruption. The purity and sanctity of the KRRS, according to Chandrashekar, will be preserved even while the organization works around the clock to guarantee that the AAP is elected to power in Karnataka. According to Chandrashekar, neither the BJP, the Congress, nor the JD(S) was viable options anymore, and he urged farmers across the state to support the AAP, which he claims offers an alternative to traditional politics.

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