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75 years old agri labourer woman donated land worth crore for village school

75 years old agri labourer woman donated land worth crore for village school
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75 years old Agri labourer woman donated her land worth crore for the village school children

An elderly woman from Haveri‘s Kunikeri village has donated her two acres of land worth approximately ₹ 1 crore for the construction of a school for the village children.

Huchchamma Chowdri, also known as Ajji (granny), is 75 years old and works as a head cook for mid-day meals at the same school.

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Following her marriage to Basappa Chowdri, the 75-year-old moved to Kunikeri village, where the couple made a living by working in the fields. The couple had no children, and after Basappa died around 30 years ago, Huchchamma was left alone. She kept working in her field and lived a simple life.

Huchchamma came forward to donate one acre of her land to the noble cause after learning that government officials were looking for a location to build a school for the village children. She later donated the remaining acre after learning that the school committee was looking for nearby land to build a playground for the kids.

Overjoyed as Ajji (granny) of 300 children

When the school is closed, Huchchamma works as a farm labourer in other people’s fields. According to a News18 report, Huchchamma states that despite the fact that she did not give birth, all of the schoolchildren now refer to her as Ajji (granny).

‘I am overjoyed to be able to feed 300 or so children every day.’ Why settle for one or two kids when you can have 300?.’ says the reporter.

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When asked if she understands the worth of the land she donated, Huchchamma responds, ‘All I need is enough food to satiate my hunger, which I get. ‘What would I do with all of that cash? These kids will remember me for the rest of their lives, won’t they? That is sufficient.’

Haveri district

Haveri is the administrative headquarter for the Haveri district and it is well-known for its cardamom garlands, Byadagi red chilis, Hukkeri Math, and Bada the birthplace of the poet Kanakadasa which is about 25 kilometres away from here.

The word ‘Haveri’ is derived from the Kannada words ‘haavu’ and ‘keri,’ which mean ‘snake place.’

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