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Zuari FarmHub to introduce Israeli’s precision agri technology to Indian


Zuari FarmHub, an agritech firm, has teamed up with Israeli firm CropX Technologies to bring advanced sensor-based agronomic farm management systems to Indian farmers.

“Through the collaboration with CropX, which specializes in digital agronomic solutions, we aim to introduce real-time monitoring technology that empowers farmers with data-driven insights to make decisions for improving productivity and sustainability through optimized use of resources such as water and nutrients,” Madan Pandey, MD and CEO of Zuari FarmHub

Savings on expenses

Zuari FarmHub will initially deploy 30 CropX sensor systems through its Jai Kisan Junction outlets in Karnataka and Maharashtra, targeting large farmers. The sensors, which measure soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity, send data to a cloud, where it is combined and analyzed with local ground level weather data to provide farmers with irrigation and nutrient management recommendations, as well as pest attack alerts.

“By using these systems, farmers can reduce nutrient losses by about 20%, which are primarily due to excessive water use.” “They can also reduce water use by 20-25 percent,” Pandey said, adding that the CropX systems have very high data accuracy.

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One sensor-based system can cover approximately 4-5 acres. Zuari FarmHub has begun pilot trials of the CropX system at the Zuari Agri Innovation Centre in Solapur, as well as select farmer fields in Karnataka and Maharashtra.

While each system costs between $600 and $700, Zuari Farm Hub is also looking into a service model to make it more affordable for farmers. Pandey added that pricing for the services is being finalized.

According to Pandey, this data-driven approach enables farmers to respond quickly to changing conditions and challenges, resulting in increased crop resilience and profitability.

“The collaboration with Zuari FarmHub represents an exciting opportunity to extend the reach of our innovative solutions to Indian farmers,” said CropX Technologies CEO Tomer Tzach.

“By combining our expertise in agri-tech with Zuari FarmHub’s deep understanding of the Indian agricultural landscape, we aim to empower farmers with advanced tools that aim to re-vitalize industry practices for a successful and sustainable farming.”

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Zuari FarmHub will evaluate and appropriately roll out the CropX agronomic farm management system in other regions of India as the pilot progresses, according to Pandey.

Zuari FarmHub currently operates 600 Jai Kisan stores in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar, where it sells multi-brand agri-inputs such as speciality and bulk fertilizers, organic and water-soluble nutrients, crop protection products, seeds, and small implements, among others.

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