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WRMS agritech to manufacture climate-smart organic fertilizer

WRMS agritech to manufacture climate-smart organic fertilizer

WRMS agritech to manufacture climate-smart organic fertilizer

WRMS, an agritech company, has expanded its services by manufacturing climate-smart agrochemicals. SecuFarm Vermicompost is a new organic fertiliser and soil conditioner that contains important plant nutrients is rich in humus and can enhance soil structure for better root modification, as well as improve water holding capacity and aeration conditions in the soil.

Vermicompost can be used to grow seedlings, orchards, and crops. The product comprises microorganisms such as active bacteria, fungus, and plant development hormones, which help in boosting seed germination, increase the quantity of fruits, speed up flowering, and aid in the production of humic acid for healthy soil. SecuFarm vermicompost is a non-toxic, eco-friendly, and environmentally friendly product.

‘By going into the manufacturing of agro-chemicals, we foresee offering cost-effective and productivity-enhancing agro-inputs to farmers to further enhance our mission,’ stated Anuj Kumbhat, Founder and CEO of WRMS. We are developing further items of this type that will revolutionise the entire agricultural environment and lead to sustainable crop production.’

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WRMS works with farmers in 22 states and 20 countries worldwide. Through collaboration with the Central and State governments, as well as renowned brands such as Pepsico, WWF, World Bank, and HDFC, it has effectively developed an income guarantee for over 2.5 million farmers.

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