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Women-centric methods to overcome gender imbalances in fisheries sector

Women-centric methods to overcome gender imbalances in fisheries sector (1)
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Women-centric methods to overcome gender imbalances in the fisheries sector

The eighth worldwide conference on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries (GAF8) concluded in Kochi with a request to include women-centric methods in policy and decision-making to overcome gender imbalances in the fisheries sector.

Dodda Venkata Swamy, Chairman of the Marine Products Export Development Authority, stated at the meeting’s conclusion that women are a vital component of the worldwide fisheries-related industries.

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It is predicted that roughly 85 percent of the $7.76 billion in fish products exported in fiscal year 2021-22 will be contributed by women. This demonstrates their significance in the sector, he claims. ‘There should be scope for gap analysis, vulnerability mapping, and skill mapping to prevent them from leaving the industry,’ he added.

GAF8 is organised by the Asian Fisheries Society’s Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries Section, the ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT), Kochi, and the Society of Fisheries Technologists-India (SOFTI).

Over the course of the three-day conference, delegates from 20 countries talked about gender issues in aquaculture and fisheries in about 195 talks. There were also debates on potential solutions from a gendered perspective. The conference was a place where new ideas were shared and networks of fishing stakeholders from all over the world were made.

Six thematic sessions were held, covering topics such as women’s voices and agency, understanding rights, the impact of catastrophes on livelihood, gender justice and institutional responsibilities, and success stories of women entrepreneurs in aquaculture and fisheries.

There were ten special sessions organised by international and national organisations, including the FAO of the United Nations, the Pacific Community, the BOBP, the ICSF, and others.

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Over 300 scientists, academics, experts on gender, policymakers, and students from India and other countries, like the US, UK, Thailand, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Fiji, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Australia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, and Indonesia, attended the conference.

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